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Updated Thursday, 11 June 2009
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What's New ? Chronological list of news and updates to our web site.

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  Our Board of Directors ? photos and bios

 Research and Translations
  Translation of Gravier's The Discovery of America by the Norse in the 10th Century, 1874.
  Translation of Hernan Colon's Historia del Almirante (History of the Admiral) 1537-1539. (PDF)
  Translation of Jelic's The Evangelization of America Before Columbus. (PDF)

 Newport Tower
   Preliminary 2008 findings that link the tower to pre-colonial builders.
   The Newport "Meterorite"
   About our 2006 Touro Park archaeology The Newport Tower Project. (PDF)
   References used for The Newport Tower Project. (PDF)
   Blogs from our various field expeditions.
   Color image of the c. 1770 painting The Old Stone Mill... attributed to Gilbert Stuart.
   Current and historic maps of Newport and Touro Park. (PDF)
   Detail map of Touro Park from Newport city engineering department. (PDF)
   Images of 2003 GPR (PDF)
   Touro Park from Google satellite image (PDF)
On Location Blogs
 Field Notes, blogs, photos, news and more from our projects, travel and research.
  Rhode Island U-Haul Truck Unveiling
  2008 Special Salvage Excavation
  First Newport Tower Symposium
  2007 Field Season at the Newport Tower
  2006 Newport Tower Excavation Wrapup
  2006 Field Season at the Newport Tower
  Approval for an Archaeological Investigation of Touro Park

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