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* First English translation of The Discovery of America by the Norse in the 10th Century, 1874, by Gabriel Gravier (originally in French).
* Our updated English translation of Jelic's The Evangelization of America Before Columbus. Now includes translations of the two Latin Papal Letters. (798 KB PDF)
* (French) The Evangelization of America Before Columbus by Dr Luca Jelic. "An account of the International Catholic Scientific Congress" in Paris 1891. Based on Vatican archive sources. (1.6 MB PDF)
* An updated English translation of Jelic's account as published in the NEARA Journal Winter 2006, vol. 40 n. 2.
* Contact us if you know of an English translation of The Greenland chronicles: A facsimile of the 1608 version in archaic Danish

In the News...
* Archaeological dig proposed around Newport Tower, The Providence Journal, June 29, 2006
* Researcher will excavate in Touro Park, The Providence Journal, July 14, 2006
* The Old Stone Mill mystery takes another turn, Newport this week, May 13, 2004
* Historian to unearth secrets of Newport tower, The Call (AP), 06/13/2004

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Newport Tower related links...
* The Newport Tower on UHaul trucks! Sighted at the IKEA parking lot in Tempe, Arizona ----->
* U-Haul's web page with photos of the unveiling of their Rhode Island truck. Foundation president, Jan Barstad, was invited by U-Haul to be part of the festivities.
* City of Newport, Rhode Island
* Newport Historical Society
* Wikipedia entry for Newport Tower
* Suzanne Carlson's The Architecture of the Newport Tower
* Reservations about the Newport Tower C-14 Dates
* Prince Henry Sinclair and the Newport Tower
* Quahog Rhode Island travel guide to the "Old Stone Mill"
* Touro Synagogue Natonal Historic Site The oldest synagogue in the United States (National Park Service site)
* Redwood Library A delightful introduction to the Newport Tower from the oldest continuously circulating library in America
* Rhode Island, "Mysterious New England" and the Newport Tower
* New York Times article about 1947 excavation in Touro Park
* Narragansett History in Rhode Island
* Newport Stone Tower by Prof. R. N. White
* Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire, England
* Will of Governor Benedict Arnold of Newport, Rhode Island
* Newport County Chamber of Commerce Supporting our education outreach in Newport
* Touro Park Inn - bed breakfast in view of the Tower
* The Seabreeze Inn in Middletown, Rhode Island Our headquarters for the October 2006 excavation in Touro Park
* The Skeleton in Armor, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem about the tower

Archaeology and History links...
* Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS)
* ACMRS Fall 2006 newsletter
* Society for Historical Archaeology
* The famous Marshalltown archaeology trowel
* Society for American Archaeology
* Archaeological Institute of America
* Smithsonian Institution
* (Danish) The Greenland chronicles: A facsimile of the 1608 version in archaic Danish If you know of an English translation please contact us.
* (Danish) About chronicler Claus C.Lyscanders
* The Online Medieval and Classical Library
* UNESCO World Heritage
* The Round Towers of Ireland
* Sligo Abbey in Ireland
* Megalithomania: excellent photography and descriptions of stone structures in Ireland
* Department of Anthropology at Arizona State University
* Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeology (University of Denver)
* Ground Penetrating Radar by Steve O'Gorman
* Underwater Archaeology of the Hunley Confederate submarine
* All about Romanesque Architecture
* The Orphir Round Kirk of Ireland
* Photographs of Earls Palace in the Orkney Islands
* Peel Castle - The Round Tower on Isle-of-Man
* Educational lesson on Archaeological Tools
* Medieval Windmill Technology
* Historic windmill of Orleans, Massachusetts
* Windmill World
* Historic Eastham Windmill
* The Mysterious Megaliths of New England

Solved Mysteries...
Our official mystery movie: Oliver's Travels with Alan Bates and Sin´┐Żad Cusack. Five part BBC production now available on DVD. Follow our hero to the Orkney Islands and visit medieval stone architecture and ancient stone circles. Plus solve crossword puzzles and uncover an international business conspiracy.

Free wallpaper of historical buildings and places coming soon.

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