As part of our mission, we will work with schools, educators, media, and local communities to share our discoveries. We encourage you to contact us and help.

Contact Us

Mailing address
Our mailing address for correspondence or contributions is
  Chronognostic Research Foundation
  P.O. Box 28011
  Tempe, AZ 85285

Email inquiries
  For questions about our work or funding,
  To inquire about our web site or other technical questions contact our

Media contact
  For media support, question and follow-up, permission for use, or details of pending press conferences
  contact us at our mailing address above or send email to

How to help
  Financial contributions are always welcome. Use our mailing address above or send email to our
  president, or any of our other directors.
  See our for some "Unsolved Mysteries" which you may be able to help us with.

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