We have found new evidence that links the Tower to pre-colonial builders! Click here to see our preliminary findings...     see full story >>

Current Projects

Translations and Research

Our research has turned up some interesting sources that have never -- as far as we can tell -- been translated into English. So we have worked to provide what may be the first English translations of the following works.

· English translation from French of The Discovery of America by the Norse in the 10th Century, 1874, by Gabriel Gravier.
· English translation from Spanish of Historia del Almirante (History of the Admiral) by Hernan Colon (son of Christopher Columbus), 1537-1539, initially edited, introduced and annotated by Luis Arranz Marquez in 1984.
· English translation from French and Latin of Jelic's The Evangelization of America Before Columbus. Now includes translations of the two Latin Papal Letters.
· Now translating from archaic Danish: Claus Lyschander's The Greenland Chronicles (1608)

The Newport Tower

The "Newport Meteorite" analysis results are in... details here.

Recent Findings Suggest Pre-colonial Tower Origin

Click here to see our preliminary findings that link the tower to pre-colonial builders.

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