During our 2006 season in Newport we were sure we found a meteorite. See what the team was doing back on October 18, 2006...     see full story >>

The "Newport Meteorite" Lands Flat

What We Found

In Newport, Rhode Island, on October 18 during our 2006 season at Touro Park, we dug up what really looked like a meteorite. The small stone was about 1.5 inches wide and felt heavy for its size. images/meteorite/found_meteorite_3706.jpg It was picked out of the sifted soil with a magnet, and its shape and surface marks indicated melting. Found in a layer indicating an age of 2000-3000 years, this would be the first meteorite found in Rhode Island--if authentic.

How We Tested the "Meteorite"

After the 2006 dig in Touro Park, the "meteorite" was presented to the City of Newport. In mid 2007 it was brought back to Arizona to be analyzed at the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University. It is not obviously NOT an meteorite. But after much analysis, the Meteorite Center concluded that the magnetic stone we found in Newport is not a meteorite.
In his letter to the Foundation, Dr. Laurence Garvie wrote, "Most important for our purposes, your sample exhibits a lack of nickel ...; meteorites are typically [nickel]-rich compared to terrestrial rocks." images/meteorite/asu_meteorite_letter.jpg Attached to Dr. Garvie's letter was a spectrometry chart of our sample images/meteorite/newport_meteorite_spect.jpg and a comparative chart for a known meteorite images/meteorite/known_meteorite_spect.jpg

What We Have Now

images/meteorite/meteorite_dust.jpgIn the process of testing, the little stone was reduced to gravel and dust-- images/meteorite/meteorite_dust.jpg.

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