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On Location

Field Notes, blogs, photos, news and more from our projects, travel and research.

Rhode Island U-Haul Truck Unveiling: June 20, 2008
U-Haul International and the Chronognostic Research Foundation joined together on the Summer Solstice of 2008 to unveil U-Haul?s new Rhode Island truck, which features a SuperGraphic of the Newport Tower.

Special Salvage Excavation May 30-June 4, 2008
To Dig Boldly Where No One Has Dug Before: how we seized this special opportunity, and the remnant wooden posts we found that line up with the Tower columns.
Description and photos of the salvage excavation.

First Newport Tower Symposium: October 27, 2007
Newport Art Museum was the scene of the first-ever Symposium on the Newport Tower, covering new finds and hypotheses of the Tower?s origin.

2007 Field Season at Newport Tower: Oct-Nov 2007
After sampling throughout Touro Park in 2006, we choose a site east of the Tower to explore in depth - the foundation of a building previously unknown?

2006 Newport Tower Excavation Wrapup: Nov-Dec 2006
Conclusion of the 2006 Newport Tower field season and our slippery return to Arizona.

2006 Field Season at Newport Tower: Oct-Nov 2006
First archeaological investigation at the Newport Tower in nearly 60 years: we sample 19 sites in Touro Park to check ground-penetrating radar targets for clues to the Tower?s origin; a daily log and photos of our activities.

Approval for an Archaeological Dig in Touro Park
Chronicle of events leading to approval by the Newport City Council for the first archaeological investigation of the Newport Tower?s locale in 59 years.

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